Erwin Schrödinger Visiting Scientist 2012


Prof. Stanley Brodsky, SLAC, was 2012 our Erwin-Schrödinger guest professor.

In October and November 2012 he gave four talks:

Thu 18.10.2012 14:15, Univ. Vienna,
The Remarkable Parallels between Atomic and Hadronic Physics (pdf)

Tue 30.10.2012 14:15, HEPHY (Nikolsdorfer Gasse 18, 1050 Wien): Novel QCD Phenomena (pdf)

Tue 6.11.2012 14:15, TU Wien, Seminarraum E136, Freihaus 10th Floor Tower B (yellow) (1040 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10): AdS/QCD Light-Front Holography, and Color Confinement (pdf)

Thu 8.11.2012 14:15, Univ. Vienna
The Principle of Maximum Conformality and High Precision pQCD Predictions (pdf)

Organizer: Association for the Promotion of Theoretical Physics in Austria.

This series of lectures was supported by the "Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien"