Standard model of particle physics

Heavy flavour production at LHC and future Linear Colliders, Jet production at hadron and electron-positron colliders, Determination of quark masses, Radiative corrections in QCD and elektroweak theory (A. Hoang)

Effective quantum field theories - SCET, HQET, NRQCD (A. Hoang). - Chiral perturbation theory ( G. Ecker, H. Neufeld) - Chiral perturbation theory with virtual photons and leptons (H. Neufeld)



Models for neutrino masses and mixing, extensions of the standard model in the leptonic and scalar sector, magnetic moments of neutrinos.
(W. Grimus)



Phenomenology of supersymmetric models
(A. Bartl)


Quantum field theory

Effective field theories (A. Hoang, G. Ecker, H. Neufeld)

Theory of unstable particles (A. Hoang)

Complex stochastic systems, stochastic quantisation, gauge field theories
(H. Hueffel, G. Kelnhofer)

Anomalies, geometric and topological aspects (R. A. Bertlmann)


Quantum mechanics in particle physics

Tests for the foundations of quantum mechanics within particle physics,
Bell inequalities, connection between symmetries (e.g. CP symmetry) and
nonlocality, investigations of decoherence modes, quantum marker and
quantum eraser, multidimensional multipartite quantum systems, in particular
entanglement witnesses and their geometry. ( R. A. Bertlmann, B.C. Hiesmayr).