Erwin Schrödinger Visiting Scientist 2011


Dr. Georg Raffelt, Max Planck Institut für Physik München,was this year's Erwin-Schrödinger guest professor

In May 2011 he gave four talks at the University of Vienna:

Thu 5.5.2011 14:15, Neutrinos - Astrophysical and Particle-Physics Messengers (pdf)
Tue 10.5.2011 16:15, Supernova Neutrinos (pdf)
Thu 19.5.2011 14:15, Collective neutrino oscillations (pdf)
Tue 24.5.2011 16:15, Axions - Theoretical motivation, cosmological role and experimental searches (pdf)

Organizer: Association for the Promotion of Theoretical Physics in Austria.

This series of lectures was supported by the "Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien"