Mass renormalization in a toy model with spontaneously broken symmetry

W. Grimus, P. O. Ludl, L. Nogués

We discuss renormalization in a toy model with one fermion field and one real scalar field phi, featuring a spontaneously broken discrete symmetry which forbids a fermion mass term and a phi^3 term in the Lagrangian. We employ a renormalization scheme which uses the MSbar scheme for the Yukawa and quartic scalar couplings and renormalizes the vacuum expectation value of phi by requiring that the one-point function of the shifted field is zero. In this scheme, the tadpole contributions to the fermion and scalar selfenergies are canceled by choice of the renormalization parameter delta_v of the vacuum expectation value. However, delta_v and, therefore, the tadpole contributions reenter the scheme via the mass renormalization of the scalar, in which place they are indispensable for obtaining finiteness. We emphasize that the above renormalization scheme provides a clear formulation of the hierarchy problem and allows a straightforward generalization to an arbitrary number of fermion and scalar fields.

Particle Physics
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
103034 Particle physics
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