Constraints on the anomalous <i>Wtb</i> couplings from <i>B</i>-physics experiments

Anastasiia Kozachuk, Dmitri Melikhov

We analyze constraints on the anomalous Wtb couplings from B-physics experiments, performing a correlated analysis and allowing all anomalous couplings to differ simultaneously from their Standard Model (SM) values. The B-physics observables allow one to probe three linear combinations out of the four anomalous couplings, which parameterize the Wtb vertex under the assumption that the SM symmetries remain the symmetries of the effective theory. The constraints in this work are obtained by taking into account the following B-physics observables: the B0 - B0 oscillations, the leptonic B → μ+μ- decays, the inclusive radiative B → X decays, and the differential branching fractions in the semileptonic inclusive B → Xsμ+μ- and exclusive B→ (K, K*+μ- decays at small q2, with q the momentum of the μ+μ- pair. We find that the SM values of the anomalous couplings belong to the 95% CL allowed region obtained this way, but lie beyond the 68% allowed region. We also report that the distributions of the anomalous couplings obtained within our scenario differ from the results of the 1D scenario, when only one of the couplings is allowed to deviate from its SM value.

Particle Physics
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Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Universität Wien, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
103034 Particle physics
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