Erwin Schrödinger visiting scientist 2015


John F. Donoghue (University of Massachusetts) is our visiting scientist in 2015

He will give 4 talks between october and november 2014:

Tuesday, 13.10.2015:
A Modern View of Quantum Gravity

3 Talks about General Relativity as an Effective Field Theory:

Tuesday, 20.10.2015:
1) General Relativity from a Quantum Field Theory Perspective

Tuesday, 27.10.2015:
2) The Effective Field Theory of General Relativity

Tuesday, 03.11.2015:
3) Low Energy Theorems of Quantum Gravity

All talks are held at 16:15, E.Schrödinger-HS

Organizer: Association for the Promotion of Theoretical Physics in Austria.

This series of lectures is supported by the "Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien"