100 years atomic model


A studio discussion on the architecture of the currently tiniest things with Prof. Andre Hoang and Prof. E. Widmann

Even 100 years after Bohr's atomic model Democrit's ancient creed is still program in physics: matter is composed of indivisible particles, and who knows and understands the forces between them, knows what holds the world together at the small as well as the large scale. But the indivisible never was what the physicists thought it should be: indivisible. It became smaller and smaller: Atom - nucleus - protons and neutrons - quarks.

The question arises: Is there an end to the disassembly of the world? Or are the elementary particles known today only the very smallest, which Bohr's heirs can resolve at this time? Prof. Andre Hoang and Prof. E. Widmann give answers in the Dimensionen-studio and discuss the current state of knowledge in particle physics, the search for elementary entities, the limits of atomistic thinking and the remaining puzzles in quantum mechanical Liliput of subatomic particles.

A radio broadcast (mp3, 11MB) from the series "Dimensionen-die Welt der Wissenschaft" from Tuesday, 25 June 2013, 19:05.Design and moderation: Armin Stadler