Erwin Schrödinger Gastprofessor 2018


George Sterman (Stony Brook University) ist unser Erwin-Schrödinger-Gastprofessor 2018

Er wird im Oktober 2018 und Jänner 2019 vier Vorträge halten:

Dienstag, 2.10.2018:
Inclusive cross sections:  localized unitarity and point-by-point cancelations.
Abstract:  I'll review time- and light-cone ordered perturbation theory as tools for exhibiting the pattern of infrared cancelations in inclusive cross sections.

Dienstag, 9.10.2018:
Imaging Fundamental Processes: The story and stories of jets at accelerators
Abstract: Jets at particle colliders are our window into fundamental reactions, which often proceed through confined degrees of freedom that are invisible at long distances. I’ll review some of the history and theory of particle jets, and how they reflect a crossroads between classical and quantum phenomena.

Dienstag, 15.1.2019:
Infrared analysis for perturbative amplitudes
Abstract: I'll review how infrared divergencesarise in perturbative amplitudes with massless particles. For fixed-angle and forward scattering, introducing Landau equations, Coleman-Norton Physical pictures and power counting as tools. In gauge theories, this analysis leads to factorized expressions, closely related to effective theory descriptions of the amplitude.

Dienstag, 22.1.2019:
Removing infrared divergences from perturbative amplitudes
Abstract: It may be useful to seperate perturbative amplitudes into universal infrared-sensitive terms, which sometimes can be computed exactly, plus infrared-finite remainders, which can in principle be computed numerically. Two-loop scalar diagrams illustrate how such a procedure could work.

Alle Vorträge werden um 16:15 im E.Schrödinger-HS gehalten.

Veranstalter: Verein zur Förderung der Theoretischen Physik in Österreich

Diese Veranstaltung wird von der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien gefördert.